Minimum Viable Product

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Minimum Viable Product

Traditional Business Model

We are helping you to transition from a dream to a reality! One of your first goals is to develop the Minimum Viable Product or VMP.

Just imagine the challenges you are facing as a CEO of a start-up company. You need to quickly develop a Minimum Viable Product and you only have two options. The first is to hire a CTO and a full development team with all kinds of practical and financial risks, not to mention the length of such an enterprise. How long you will have to wait in order to start developing an application, weeks, months…? You might end up spending a considerable amount of money upfront without a guaranteed outcome.

The second alternative is to outsource software development. Whit this traditional model you have to invest a lot time, up-front, as you have to define all requirements before starting the project. And not to mention that every time you need to change those requirements to meet your business needs, you end-up in long formal processes leading to unpredictable costs.

Within this system you build everything at once, based on fixed specifications. Therefore, you improve your business only once. Once the system is delivered it will gradually become unfit for your business. And is it really possible nowadays to define all the necessary functions at first?

MVP New Business Model

But now there is an alternative, Pronobia, offering a new business model, imported from Japan, where all these challenges have been fully addressed. We are providing the development of your MVP, its operation and maintenance through a long-term relationship.

As your business evolves, we develop new functionality step by step and scale your application to meet your needs. We agree together on weekly objectives and develop software progressively and with full flexibility. We focus only the functionalities that truly add to your business growth.

In this model there is no need to define deadlines or lengthy formal software delivery processes since we are working on weekly agreements and we manage the development and operations. By doing so we save a lot of time and we work on a steady pace.

Building your future is not a sprint, it’s a marathon!

As an icing on the cake, we charge by results and not by working time.

We Develop your Minimum Viable Product

No need to hire a CTO and recruit a development team with the appropriate skills mix in a short timeframe

Do not drain your entire budget in such activities

Within 2 weeks of the start of the project your app is deployed in a cloud  development environment

After 3 months, your  MVP is ready to use in both deployed in a cloud production environment

Above all, we keep developing, operating and updating your application after the launch in a cloud environment

MVP Step By Step Software Development

Initial Free Discussion

Firstly, Pronobia long term relationship starts with our customers by sharing the vision and goals described in the business plan.

Secondly, our focus is on providing added-value. At the end of this period, as we have gathered enough details to design the application, we will release it to end-users.

This takes place generally about three months later

Free Trial Development

At the beginning of the project we start by developing software artifacts. The goal of the first two weeks of this period is to have the app on a production environment with bare minimum application features.

After that, we add features on a weekly development cycle. If the customer is satisfied with the artifacts developed we move to the next period.

Development With Contract

Software development starts with a signed contract. Our customers and software engineers have weekly meetings. Most importantly, the design focuses only on the items agreed upon. Consequently, artifacts are tested on a weekly basis.

In conclusion, the launch of the app takes about 3 months after the trial period. In our business model, we do not promise to complete the software on a specific date.

Development & Operation

Two weeks after the free trial we begin operating the test environment in the cloud and after three months we launch the app in a production environment.

Most importantly, we provide a common testing environment for all customers and dedicated production environment for every customer.

To sum up, we develop and operate continuously in parallel.


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