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Technology Stack for Your Web Application

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Technology Stack

Identifying the appropriate technology  stack for your Web Application requires to take into account a number of criteria, each component within, and all of them combined. Based on your requirements we choose together the best match.

Each app’s infrastructure includes:

  • A database: to store app data.
  • A caching system: to decrease database load, helping the database process surges in traffic.
  • A Web server: to handle requests sent from the browser and return information.

App Structure

A Web application is made of a frontend component and backend component.

  • The frontend: the client-side, covers everything a user can see. The frontend makes the interaction with a Web application possible through the presentation layer.
  • The backend: the server-side, manage the logic behind how a website works. The backend is the technology responsible for the communication between the client-side, the server-side, and all the components within the backend.


We choose together the most appropriate technical components:

Full Stack in 2020

Your Digital Application Is About To Take Off​

Full Stack
Full Stack

Focus on your application, not the infrastructure

Serverless Architecture

With all of that infrastructure heavy lifting out of the way, we really can focus on the business goals your applications serve.

Serverless is already used in production by companies like Netflix, Reuters, AOL, and Telenor. Industry-wide adoption is constantly increasing.

Serverless applications are event-driven cloud-based systems where application development rely solely on a combination of third-party services, client-side logic and cloud-hosted remote procedure calls (Functions as a Service).

Cloud Providers

Most of the cloud providers have invested heavily in serverless. Here are some of the currently available cloud services:

Impressive Cost savings

One of the major advantages of using Serverless is reduced cost, for years the cost of provisioning servers and maintaining that 24×7 server team which blew a hole in your pocket is gone. The cost model of Serverless is execution-based: you’re charged for the number of executions. You’re allotted a certain number of seconds of use that varies with the amount of memory you require. Likewise, the price per MS (millisecond) varies with the amount of memory you require. 

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Your Digital Application Is About To Take Off​

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