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There’s no management without measurement. Information is the last frontier of competitive differentiation.

We enable the exploration of historical data from many source systems through statistical analysis, quantitative analysis, data mining and predictive modeling. By doing so we empower individuals to identify trends and understand the information at hand.  This, therefore, drive business change and support sustained successful business practices.

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Curated Data

Our experts extract data from various and heterogeneous data sources, on premises and on the cloud. Data can be organized in Data Warehouse structure or big data depending on your needs.

Model (DAX)

We design the model in terms of Dimensions, Fact Tables and Measures. With the help of DAX language (Data Analysis Expressions) we develop powerful formulas and expressions to show statistical trends. 

Dashboards & Reports

Pronobia develops dashboards and reports with suggestive graphical elements that turn row data into actionable insight. We can embed and integrate your reports in your web applications. These are available on any device.

Get a modern Data Warehouse now!

Modern data warehouse
modern data warehouse components

The modern DWH brings together all kinds of data, at any scale, without much effort and time, to get insight through operational reports, analytical dashboards, and advanced analytics for all users.

Microsoft Azure provides a set of fully managed services, which allow you to build modern DWH in a few minutes. All Azure services support a fully cloud based solution, or a mix of cloud and on-premise based solutions, to meet the business need.

A modern Data Warehouse can be designed to meet business need and accommodate change in data behavior using the latest technology components such as cloud based scalable data storage for big data, real time analytics, predictive analysis and machine learning, global distribution of data, high availability, etc. 


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