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Software Modernization

Pronobia Modernize your Application

Lift & shift

We migrate your on-premise application to a Cloud environment.


  • No code change, no re-architect
  • No effort, fast
  • VM solution centric


  • Limited cloud value
  • Manual upgrades
  • Limited scalability

Cloud Optimized

We help you on getting more value out of the Cloud environment (containers).


  • No code change, no re-architect
  • Portability of apps
  • Improved scalability and availability
  • Containerization is adding an extra layer of complex

App Modernized

We extend your app with new native cloud services (servless, microservices, Pass). 


  • Long term agility
  • Optimized for scalability and availability


  • Major code rewriting, refactoring

The Time to Transform Your Business is Now

With minimal changes to your existing code we modernize your applications. We re architect and deploy the various components of your app from on-premise environment to cloud environment.

In other words, you benefit from scaling your application. Furthermore, you will serve even more customers, faster, with tighter security and above all at a lower cost. Application modernization is the way to go!

In conclusion, we operate the cloud environment for you. Pronobia takes care of corrective and evolutive maintenance to meet your business requirements.

Transform your business with software modernization

Transform your business into a modern enterprise that engages customers in delightful new ways, enables innovation, and differentiates your business in the marketplace. 

You can enable your employees to collaborate and work on the go, so inspiration can come from nearly anywhere at anytime. And with our hybrid, public and private cloud platforms, you can optimize your IT and deliver flexible, responsive services to your business users.

To realize the advantages of big data, mobility, and modern applications, you need the right platform. You need a platform that is secure and can help you innovate while meeting the demands for new applications, new services, and additional capacity.



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