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Agile Custom Software Developments

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Pronobia Outsourcing Services

We develop, host and maintain your applications in a cloud environment.

New Projects, Minimum Viable Products (MVP), Full solutions

Full Stack

In house Full Stack custom solution provider. Progressive web applications, Angular, React, Vue. Microservice architecture. Globally distributed databases.

Business Intelligence

In house developments of your BI solutions. Data warehouse, ETL, cubes, data mining, and advanced reporting and also embedded in your app.

Artificial Intelligence

We add vision speech and language recognition to your applications. Machine learning, knowledge mining and much more.

Big Data

Bring together data from traditional systems ERP, CRM, financial and social media, feeds, sensors, etc. You will be able to analyze billions of data.

Advanced Analytics

We bring competitive edge solutions. Empower your business with predictive and prescriptive analysis.

Internet of Things

The future is here and now. Smart home, elder care, transportations solutions tailored to your needs.

Pronobia Consulting Services

Application Modernization

Our experts help you in transitioning from legacy applications to modern UI/UX cloud-based applications, combining digitized processes, data insights and predictions anywhere and on any device.

Software PM

We ensure the successful completion of the projects. Setup of the development team and working environment. Implement agile methodology, Agile, Scrum, etc. , modern software DevOps, Q&A, etc.

Data Specialists

In-depth expertise in all data-centric architectures. on-premises and on the cloud, Data Bricks, Spark, Data Lake, etc. We help your organization migrate from on-premises database to cloud solutions, and much more.

Cloud Architecture

Our architects help you in leveraging the power of cloud resources to solve your business problems. Built-in geo availability, scalability, disaster & recovery while minimizing costs.

Microsoft Product Experts

We bring our expertise on Microsoft products. In particular Azure cloud, Containers, Azure SQL Databases, PowerBI, Visual Studio, Azure DevOps, WebApps, etc.

Integration Specialists

coming soon...

A solid agile business model

New Japaneese Business Model

From Tokyo

From SonicGarden in Tokyo , we propose a new business model for custom software development industry utilizing agile software development to embrace changes.

Traditional business model usually does not work well with agile software development because it mandate up-front man-month estimation based on a fixed scope. Our new model proposes a solution with two notable features; fixed monthly subscription and weekly agreement of what to provide.

Our Approach

In the traditional software development with fixed-scope estimation, it is hard to adopt Agile Development to adapt to changes.
With our new business model we greatly improved effectiveness of Agile compared to the traditional model — an cost estimation based on fixed scope — in custom software development business. The improvement comes from fixed monthly payment without setting deadline which enables us to develop without up-front cost estimation.

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The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

David Yaari


Rebecca Ichou


Hillel Renassia


Bruno Breschi

Sales Manager

Eliyahu Gusovsky

Full Stack Architect

David Walz​

Art Director

Alex Ranev

Security Specialist

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Coming soon


An amazing journey with Pronobia

Our Clients

Welcome To The Beyond Family​

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Meet Our Clients

They Believe In Us

We have successfully brought to our customers added business value enabled them with the right apps to make the correct decisions and ensure top operation efficiency cost reductions and reduced risks. .


We are all senior software engineers with years of experience working for the World’s Largest Public Companies.

Innovative Business Model

We have imported from Japan a new business model, retaining agile benefits while outsourcing developments.

Proven Solutions

We offer real innovative business solutions, based on top cloud environments, microservices, distributed database systems providing a competitive edge.


We have an all-inclusive fixed monthly subscription. We provide software development, maintenance, and production all as a service.

Pronobia: Your Dream. Our Mission.

Why Work with Us?

We have imported a new business model from Japan from the company SonicGarden of Tokyo

This business model allow our customers to retain the advantage of agile software development methodology without the challenges and conflict of interest that traditional outsourcing companies are facing.

Our customers are enjoying the added business value that our solutions are bringing without handling the complexity of hiring and managing a team of engineers.

We start with an MVP and scale it as far as the business requires.

We do not develop useless functions that don’t bring business value.


Sky's The Limit

We are Microsoft Partner

Microsoft accelerates application development with Azure Integration Services. 

Gartner names Microsoft a leader in 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise iPaaS.

Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud computing services to help your organization meet its business challenges. With Azure, your business or organization has the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your preferred tools and frameworks.

Outsourcing and Consulting Services

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